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Communication Coaching


Do you struggle with filler words? Maybe you are not sure what to do with your hands or whether to use a podium. Do you memorize your presentation? Or have you ever seen a speech or an interview on TV that made you think 'I wish I could be that comfortable speaking publicly'?  I've got news for you: you can!  Being prepared for a big presentation or that meeting with the board is vital to anyone's success.  It is important to be engaging and present your information in an easy to understand and relatable way.  Being prepared to handle questions and give answers in a thorough yet concise manner is a very important aspect for anyone in a public position.  Let’s get the best tools in your tool belt to increase your skills. So instead of saying "I am so nervous" before a speech or interview, you will say "I am ready for this!"

Jillian Mele Communications

Soft Skills Coaching & Career Development


You don't have to take it from Jillian, just glance at the many articles that talk about a lack of professional soft skills.  They are lacking and they are important!  It is a multitude of things: from the way you carry yourself, to how you dress and how you interact with others. Your presence and communication can make or break you.  It absolutely sets you apart from others.   Jillian can help you put your best foot forward with confidence.

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