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Meet Jillian


Jillian's Story 


Jillian is a two-time Emmy Award-Winning journalist with nearly 20 years experience in TV media ranging from the highest level of national news anchor and reporter to sports anchor and reporter.  She has been at the helm, anchoring and reporting on historic moments like the COVID-19 pandemic, Elections, and the War in Ukraine.  Jillian was on the ground in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting and during various hurricanes. She covered the 2019 and 2022 World Series, and the ups and downs of the post-pandemic economy.  Jillian has interviewed professional athletes, politicians, war heroes, economists, and business owners.  She even went skydiving with the Army Golden Knights for an assignment.  All of these moments are vastly different, but one thing is the same: the ability to tell the story. And tell it well. 


Jillian has a natural ability to make others feel comfortable opening up to her, allowing her to find the hidden gem of any story.  When the pandemic hit, Jillian was interviewing business owners across the country who were losing everything. She wanted to learn more about our economy and business as a whole, so she started an MBA program at La Salle University, with a focus in marketing. Through this, Jillian found a passion she didn't know she had! Now, she wants to share her knowledge and experience with you and help on your own journey.  

Jillian's Philosophy

Jillian believes that being prepared is the key to everything. Public speaking can be one of the most nerve-racking experiences, but if you prepare correctly, you can feel confident and you CAN succeed. She believes that what separates a good leader from a great leader is their communication style. She also strongly believes in the power of marketing and branding.  How you choose to put yourself out to the world, whether it be in person or online, reflects in everything you do. Social media has changed the world and there are so many opportunities for people and companies to utilize it and make their mark on the world, if it is done right. She believes that authenticity in your communication and branding will always shine through.  

A little extra...

A little bit more about Jillian: She loves to golf! Photography is a deep passion; she can get lost exploring the world with her camera in hand. She climbed the Grand Canyon down and back in a day and climbed Mount Sinai in Egypt. Jillian is a go-getter and is very excited to get to know you and work together!

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