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Jillian would love to join your next event!

She brings a fresh and unique perspective along with years of experience engaging an audience.  

Topics include but are not limited to:

- Authenticity: Jillian stayed true to herself and when taking a leap of faith to start this journey down a different path than she was used to. Staying authentic is more important than ever and Jillian can provide personal insight into this subject in a way that is energizing for everyone to listen to.

- Public Speaking: after nearly 20 years in broadcasting, Jillian is a pro when it comes to public speaking.  This is an area where everyone can use a little refinement every now and then!  Jillian would be delighted to speak at your event and share some of her expert tips and tricks to help everyone in the crowd walk away with more knowledge. 

- Professional Soft Skills: She is so passionate about it that Jillian created an online course on this topic!  She has been mentoring young adults, saw there was a huge need, and brought the idea to life.  

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